Best Practice Assessment Consumer Level Food Waste

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Updated on: 3rd October 2017
Author(s): Erica van Herpen, Ivo van der Lans, Mariska Nijenhuis-de Vries, Nancy Holthuysen, Stefanie Kremer

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This report aims to consolidate existing and new consumer understandings at the in-home level into a research framework and methodology that allows comparison across countries.

REFRESH researchers have conducted an extensive research to identify an appropriate measurement approach to quantify food waste at different stages of the consumption life cycle at home. It includes an extensive review of the scientific literature, a review of expert practitioners’ views, and two pilot studies that were instrumental to the development of a measurement method.

In the main study, key approaches to food waste measurement in the household (i.e., a survey on general food waste, kitchen caddies, food waste diaries, photograph coding, and a specific pre-announced survey on measurement of overall waste per food category in the past week) were systematically compared to assess their validity.

The report is part of the work package that focuses on consumer behaviours related to food waste.

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