Chill the Fridge Out

Uploaded by: Emily Gardiner
Updated on: 31st January 2019

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  • The Chill the Fridge Out campaign running from 16 October – 4 November and focuses on getting our target audience of 18-34 year olds to reduce their fridge temperatures to below 5 degrees in order to keep food fresher for longer
  • The average fridge temperature in the UK is 7 degrees, but the recommended temperature to keep food and drink freshest (and for food safety) is between 1-5 degrees
  • Milk is the 3rd most wasted food and drink product in the UK with 290 million litres of milk going down the drain each year in the UK, primarily because it ‘hasn’t been used in time’, and has gone off
  • Milk can last around 3 days longer if kept in a fridge set to below 5 degrees
  • People in the UK often don’t know about the optimum fridge temperature, but also don’t know how to check and change their fridge temperature as fridge dials are quite baffling and vary so much between brands.
  • To solve this problem we are launching a brand new, free tool – – which shows people how to check and change their fridge temperatures.  Our digital and PR campaign aims to drive people to use this new tool and take a simple and impactful action to reduce their food and drink waste from the fridge