Uploaded by: Nuria Baragaño Fernández
Uploaded on: 12th April 2018
Author(s): Consortium: COGERSA S.A.U., SADIM S.A. S.M.E., ABAMobile S.L. Collaborate: Asturias Food Bank, Oviedo University

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COOMIDA (coFood) is made up of people, companies and institutions with very different profiles but united by a common idea: to curb the waste of food, and improve the food needs of those disadvantaged people in our community. Whether you are interested in donating food, or if you are a non-profit entity that wants to receive it, or you are simply interested in the subject and want to be aware of the project, we encourage you to register in COOMIDA.

COOMIDA, is an innovative technological and cooperative tool aimed to ease food donation (including food surplus), thus reducing food waste generation. COOMIDA connects donors, food bank, volunteers, and charities receiving food through a collaborative network for an efficient and sustainable management of food donations. Innovative KDD and gamification approaches are aimed to boost COOMIDA performances to improve networking and ease decision-making. The goal of COOMIDA is to build a network of people interested and / or committed to reducing food waste by improving the quality of life of disadvantaged people, spreading the message in the community, encouraging food donations among members of the network, and putting in contact potential donors with receptors.

COOMIDA has been developed within the Smart Waste Collection project. SmartWasteCollection (SWC) is a holistic R&D project aimed to improve urban waste management, fight food waste, boost food surplus donation, and encourage recycling through a technological approach based on Internet of Things (IoT), tracking software, a social network, and Big Data; complemented by a number of dissemination and awareness actions. The technological sponsorship and collaboration of a municipal waste management company and its surrounding food bank ecosystem is expected to produce disruptive environmental and social synergies, thus reducing food waste and achieving a more inclusive society. Therefore,project fits together European policies on food waste and aspires to cross borders and reach European interest to be replicated.

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