Das große Wegschmeissen

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Updated on: 7th December 2017
Author(s): WWF Germany

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According to the WWF study “Das große Wegschmeißen”, more than 18 million tons of food are thrown away every year in Germany. This corresponds to almost one third of the current food consumption of 54.5 million tonnes. The overwhelming majority of this food waste could already be avoided today – a total of almost 10 million tonnes. This means that every second, 313 kilograms of edible foodstuffs end up unnecessarily in the garbage bin, which could be avoided – for example through improved management, more sustainable marketing strategies and changed consumer habits. The WWF calls on the federal government to develop a strategy against food waste, taking into account all the players involved – from the field, to food retailers, canteens and consumers.

Contact name: Tanja Draeger de Teran (WWF Germany)
Contact email: tanja.draeger-deteran@wwf.de
More info link: http://www.wwf.de/themen-projekte/landwirtschaft/ernaehrung-konsum/das-grosse-wegschmeissen/