EU Hospitality Industry guidelines to reduce food waste and recommendations to manage food donations

Uploaded by: Alexis Waravka
Uploaded on: 9th November 2017
Author(s): HOTREC (Hospitality Europe)

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To help hospitality businesses address the challenge of food waste reduction, this brochure developed contains a set of tips which any hospitality establishment can follow to concretely reduce its food waste. Moreover, the brochure also includes some recommendations jointly prepared by HOTREC and FEBA, which shall help businesses managing food donations to charitable organisations.

Finally, it presents a set of initiatives and actions developed at national level by some national hospitality associations Members of HOTREC, as examples of best-practices to help the industry reducing its food waste.

These tips, recommendations and best-practice examples all concur to show that it is possible for hospitality businesses to reduce even further their food waste quantities through simple actions.

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