Food waste employee engagement at PENNY

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Updated on: 29th May 2019
Author(s): REFRESH

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The need: Every year, each German discards approximately 55 kg of food [1]. It is likely that this level of food waste is partly due to consumer uncertainty about how to act, and what to do, to tackle the problem.

The solution: Inspired by the REFRESH project, PENNY and CSCP developed a program to train 800 new employees on food waste. The aim was that this would: • Raise awareness of food waste at PENNY • Contribute to PENNY’s strategic focus on food waste • Enable the apprentices to contribute to food waste reduction in their professional as well as in their private life

The benefit: Apprentice feedback on the training was very positive. This was evident from questionnaires as 96% of apprentices (443 respondents) said that the training had raised their awareness of food waste. In addition, the feedback suggested that the training inspired conversations about food waste, as 80% of the apprentices said that they had discussed food waste with others since completing the training.

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