Generic Strategy LCA and LCC

Uploaded by: Jennifer Wilson
Updated on: 4th October 2017
Author(s): Jennifer Davis, Fabio de Menna, Nicole Unger, Karin Östergren, Marion Loubiere, Matteo Vittuari

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This report provides guidance on how to apply Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC ) for studies that specifically explore questions on handling side flows from the food supply chain – specifically how to combine them in the context of food waste.
It is aimed at practitioners who have working knowledge of applying LCA / LCC in their field of expertise and policy makers who want to know how to interpret and formulate LCA / LCC based problems.
This report also introduces the “REFRESH situations” (RS), which are a set of scenarios that decision makers or practitioners can apply to analyse the effectiveness of potential interventions in a more consistent manner. These are are
  • Prevention of side flow (RS 1),
  • side flow valorisation (RS 2),
  • valorisation as part of waste management (RS 3)
  • end of life treatment (RS 4).
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