Internet portal ‘LAV – Lebensmittelabfall vermeide’ (Avoiding food waste)

Uploaded by: Jennifer Wiegard
Uploaded on: 27th March 2019
Author(s): Institute for Sustainable Nutrition (iSuN) at Münster University of Applied Sciences

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National and international projects have developed numerous aids for the avoidance of food waste but for many it is very difficult to keep track of this multitude of instruments and researching suitable aids is extremely time-consuming for companies. Small and medium-sized enterprises often do not have the possibility to access already existing solutions for the prevention of food waste.

To overcome this challenge, the platform “LAV – Lebensmittelabfall vermeiden” (Avoiding food waste) was established within the framework of the project ” Verluste in der Lebensmittelbranche vermeiden: Forschungstransfer in die KMU-Praxis” funded by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) and implemented by the Institute for Sustainable Nutrition (iSuN) at Münster University of Applied Sciences. Within the framework of the project, relevant instruments from science and practice were researched, bundled and made available to SMEs on an online platform according to their needs and made known to the food industry.

Both the development of the internet platform and the transfer of the results to the public took place in a participatory process with companies and multipliers. The practical partners were represented by companies from trade, industry, commerce and the hospitality sector. The supporting multipliers include representatives of associations from various branches of the food, trade and hospitality industry.

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