Milan’s actions to prevent food waste and promote food donation

Uploaded by: Andrea Magarini
Updated on: 2nd July 2018
Author(s): Anna Scavuzzo, Vice Mayor of Milan in charge for Food Policy

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Vice Mayor of Milan Anna Scavuzzo presented on the EU Platform FLW of 24 May 2018 in Vilnius the work of the city of Milan to promote sustainability and prevent food waste, the latter being among the key objectives of the Milan Food Policy. Amongst the new initiatives implemented, the Vice-Mayor mentioned the introduction of a 20% reduction in waste tax for businesses which engage in food donation, the actions on school canteens, open street markets, engagment of grassroots organizations.  In addition, she also offered an update of EUROCITIES initiative to collect best practices of municipalities in tackling food losses and food waste, developed in the context of its Working Group on Food, chaired by the City of Milan.  The mapping of urban case studies in food waste prevention would be made available as a contribution to the work of the “Action and Implementation” sub-group of the EU Platform FLW.

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