Publication “Lebensmittelreste in der Schulverpflegung vermeiden Ideenkatalog zur Ernährungsbildung/Food leftovers in school catering and a catalogue of ideas for nutrition education”

Uploaded by: Jennifer Wiegard
Uploaded on: 2nd April 2019
Author(s): Institute for Sustainable Nutrition (iSuN) at Münster University of Applied Sciences

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In 2015, the menus of six project schools were analysed and the quantities of waste systematically examined. Measurements were taken to record the waste for more than a week – differentiated according to production residues in their own kitchen or in the caterer, output residues and disc residues. The schools were given individual approaches to improvements in order to reduce the unnecessary waste of resources, to promote ethical and socially responsible behaviour and thus to maintain a positive effect and financial benefit.  The presentation of the results demonstrates clear tendencies that are an incentive to other schools. Therefore a catalogue of ideas on nutrition education in schools was published.

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