Reducing Food Losses: A (Dis)-Opportunity Cost Model

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Uploaded on: 20th September 2017
Author(s): Mariantonietta Fiore

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The global volume of food wastage is estimated to be about *1.6bn tonnes of “primary product equivalents”, while the total wastage for the edible part of food is *1.3bn tonnes. This amount can be weighed against total agricultural production (for food and non-food uses), which is about 6bn tonnes.  In addressing the sustainability issue, researchers and policy-makers have to face economic development and environmental preservation, while also ensuring inter-generational equity balancing the need for development and the concern for the least advantaged generations. Firstly, a literature and policies review is presented investigating on the causes and remedies of food losses, on the several methodologies related to calculating the economic impact of food losses and on actual initiatives promoted by local government or municipal agencies. Then, the methodological approach based on a (dis)- opportunity model is developed. Finally, conclusions and policy implications close the paper.



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