Soy Comida Perfecta

Uploaded by: Emily Gardiner
Updated on: 31st January 2019

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Soy Comida Perfecta is a start up company born with the aim of reducing food waste from food industry and supermarkets. One of our projects is the online supermarket against food waste ( Via the online supermarket, we recover ‘imperfect’ products coming from food industry and supermarkets like dented or broken packaging, upside- down labelling or incomplete packs or those that are close to the best before date. We then sell them for our users with discounts of up to 80%.

With this formula everybody wins: industry enterprises can stop having losses and start having some incomes  from food waste problem, our users can save money in their domestic economy and, all together, we help to save the planet and its resources giving a second opportunity to ‘imperfect’ food. Also, we give practical information to our users, data about the food waste problem, waste of resources, as well as tips and recipes to reduce food waste at home. Our aim is to raise consciousness about the food waste problem and give them a chance to help us fight against food waste. Soy Comida Perfecta is starting to operate in Barcelona (Spain). However, our plan is to branch out to the rest of Europe.