BIO-PHOSPHATE natural organic fertilizer: Phosphorus recovery for improved food safety

Uploaded by: Edward Someus
Uploaded on: 18th October 2017
Author(s): Edward Someus

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The BIO-PHOSPHATE is a high nutrient dense (30% P2O5 content) natural organic innovative fertilizer product that is made from food grade animal bone by-products by a specific high temperature (850 C) carbon refinery pyrolysis process (“3R” Recycle-Reduce-Reuse zero emission pyrolysis process). The pure Phosphorus is fully recovered and formulated for horticultural organic farming and water treatment adsorbent applications.

The innovative and disruptive 3R technology and different types of BIO-PHOSPHATE products invented, developed and industrial engineered by the Swedish Edward Someus, under international S&T EU cooperation 2002-2017, that resulted full industrialisation performance. Phosphate is critical raw material. The objective is to reduce/replace the imported and Cadmium/Uranium contaminated chemosynthetic mineral phosphate fertilisers in the food chain. BIO-PHOSPHATE is important element of the Circular Economy, environmental/climate protection initiatives.

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