Animal Feed Tool

Animal Feed Tool

The decision making support tool for using former foodstuffs as farm animal feed

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  • The United Nations estimates that if farmers all around the world fed their livestock on the food we currently waste and on agricultural by-products, enough grain would be liberated to feed an extra three billion people, more than the additional number expected to be sharing our planet by 2050.

    Source: United Nations Environment Programme (2009), The Environmental Food Crisis – The Environment’s Role in Averting Future Food Crises, A UNEP Rapid Response Assessment, ed. C. Nellemann et al., February 2009, p. 19

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  • Environmental benefits of recycling food waste to pig feed instead of biogas or compost

    Please note that the global warming potential and fossil fuel depletion calculations are based on the current UK energy mix. This means that if renewable energy were to be used for the processing of the feed, it would score even better.

    Source: Salemdeeb, R. et al. (2016) “Environmental and health impacts of using food waste as animal feed: a comparative analysis of food waste management options.” Journal of Cleaner Production.

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  • Before Using This Tool

    Before using this tool to see whether your former foodstuffs are suitable for farm animal feed, please check whether your food products might still be fit for human consumption. A charity may be able to redistribute your products to people in need. For example, an expired “best before” date label does not necessarily mean that your products are not of good quality for human consumption. Check the “Feed People in Need” section of the Food Waste Pyramid.