Animal Feed Tool

Animal Feed Tool

  • Manufacturers, processors, fruit, veg and grain farmers and retailers (greengrocers and strictly vegan shops) where there is no risk of cross-contamination with any products of animal origin

    Your former foodstuffs and by-products can be used in farm animal feed as long as you:

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      have hygiene measures (a light-touch HACCP) in place to ensure the feed ingredients remain safe and wholesome in storage and transport.

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      Ensure the former foodstuffs are free from packaging and other contaminants (unless you have an agreement in place with a former foodstuffs processor to safely depackage the former foodstuffs).

    • Guidance for specific products of interest as feed:

    • Other plant-based co- and by-products (e.g. Wheat bran, beet pulp, molasses, pea hulls, vegetable/seed oil by-products)

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