Animal Feed Tool

Animal Feed Tool

  • Our milk products do NOT come from catering sources

    Great! Your surplus milk can be used as animal feed!

    Pasteurised milk, cheese, yoghurt, butter, milk-based desserts and ice-cream can be supplied as animal feed. To supply any of these products you will need to:

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      Follow the WRAP guidance (section 3.3 onwards) to ensure

      1. The former foodstuffs are safe (not decomposing, mouldy or toxic)
      2. Fully and continuously segregated from any prohibited ABPs
      3. Free from contaminants and packaging (unless you have an agreement with a former foodstuff processor to ensure the foodstuffs are fully depackaged)
      4. Other general compliance for feed ingredient suppliers
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      Contact list of feed processors, or if you prefer to contact a farmer directly, please ensure that they can take former foodstuffs safely and legally. You may wish to encourage them to go through the farmer section of this tool