Explanatory note on the best-before date of selected products

Uploaded by: Jennifer Wiegard
Uploaded on: 27th March 2019
Author(s): ALDI SÜD Germany

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In order to help reduce food waste, during 2018 ALDI SÜD printed the note “”Smell me! Try me! I am often good for longer” on various dairy products.

Since the beginning of the year 2018, ALDI SÜD has been testing the explanatory note on fresh milk in Bavaria. As it did encourage customers to check the wholesomeness of the dairy products themselves, ALDI SÜD then decided to successively expand the label to various types of cheese.

The initiative was initiated by the Bavarian Minister of State for Food, Agriculture and Forestry (StMELF) and the Bavarian alliance “Wir retten Lebensmittel!” (We are saving food!), to which ALDI SÜD supplier Gropper has also joined.  “The work of the alliance has shown with the reference to the expiry date what we can achieve together even without regulations and laws, if strong partners pull together”, says Michaela Kaniber, Bavarian Minister of State for Food, Agriculture and Forestry.

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Contact email: nora.brueggemann@scp-centre.org
More info link: https://unternehmen.aldi-sued.de/de/presse/pressemitteilungen/verantwortung/2018/pressemitteilung-riech-mich-probier-mich-aldisued-weitet-mhd-erklaerungshinweis-auf-weitere-produkte-aus/