Fresh Demo project

Uploaded by: Kate Bygrave
Updated on: 20th October 2017

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Salinas Valley in the USA is a dry desert area which provides almost all of the romaine lettuce for North America. But how – lettuce needs a lot of water to grow? Each morning the valley is filled with ocean fog with the droplets greedily sucked in by the lettuce. Dry mist technology imitates this natural process and keeps produce cool and fresh after its harvest, all the way up to the supermarket shelves.

Dry mist is generated through an innovative technology of ultrasonic humidification. It provides a cool, humid, and bacteria-free climate which has the ability to significantly reduce waste in the distribution chain by extending the shelf life, and improving nutritional and hygienic properties of fruits and vegetables. The Fresh Demo project evaluated and demonstrated the benefits of this technology. Together with a natural acidifier it preserves and enhances the quality and freshness of fruit and vegetables along the entire supply chain and enables a food waste reduction of 50%.