PENNY review packaging solutions which could reduce food waste at home

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Updated on: 29th May 2019
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The need: Using the right packaging for perishable food products can significantly extend a product’s shelf life. In combination, studies have shown that smaller packaged portions can contribute to consumers buying the quantity of product that best suits their needs. Therefore, it is expected that optimising the packaging of perishable food products could lead to an overall reduction in household food waste.

The solution: PENNY wanted to assist consumers with new packaging solutions to reduce food waste at home. PENNY wanted to find packaging solutions that are more environmentally friendly, not too costly and reduce plastic waste. The CSCP and WRAP examined if there were any packaging solutions that fulfil these criteria.

The benefit: The scoping exercise revealed interesting insights into potential packaging solutions, but unfortunately could not be brought into practice as the solutions were not ready for the mass market.

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