Reducing food waste at trade fairs in Spain: The impact of interventions implemented by Gastrofira

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Updated on: 11th July 2019
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The need: Gastrofira is increasingly aware of the environmental and social impact of the food system. As such, they are committed to offering more sustainable catering services for their clients.

The solution: Gastrofira analysed two different types of food service, at two trade fairs in Spain (one international, one national). The analysis involved: 1) establishing baseline food waste levels, 2) identifying potential interventions to reduce food waste, 3) implementing the interventions, and finally 4) measuring the impact of the interventions.

The benefit: Although it’s difficult to ascertain the true impact of each intervention, there were significant reductions in food waste at the trade fairs following implementation. Furthermore, this project has started a process of food waste monitoring and prevention that could be replicated by other catering companies in the future.

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