Measuring and Managing Retail Food Waste

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Uploaded on: 7th May 2019
Author(s): REFRESH CoE

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Featuring food waste experts from across Europe, the REFRESH Community of Experts (CoE) is pleased to present four webinars from our 2019 series on ‘Tackling Food Waste Across the Supply Chain’. The series demonstrates how policy makers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, municipalities and many more organisations involved in the food supply chain can effectively address food waste.

Within the final webinar of the series Dr Julian Parfitt (Technical Director at Anthesis Group chair), Joost Snels MSc (Senior researcher supply chain development at Wageningen Food & Biobased Research) and Tecla Castella (UK Head of Data Analytics at Anthesis Group) discuss identifying, measuring and collaborating to address food waste in the retail sector: How can retailers identify food waste hotspots? What are the best approaches to measuring their food waste? What lessons can we learn from interventions made by a major retailer in Eastern Europe? How can different retail departments successfully work together?

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