What if…? How simulation helps you choose how best to reduce food waste at your company

Uploaded by: Mari Wigham
Updated on: 12th December 2017
Author(s): Wageningen University and Research

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Food gets wasted all along the supply chain. There are many changes that suppliers and retailers can make to their procedures – sometimes surprisingly small, but with large effects on waste. How can a business decide which changes are right for them? The answer is to use simulation to test out changes. The researchers at Wageningen University and Research are experts in building simulations. Their expertise in food logistics, combined with scientific formulas, and company data, allows them to estimate the costs and benefits of a change in advance. The company can test out scenarios, and choose the solution that is best for their business. This demo shows a simple simulation in action, and demonstrates how minor changes can have big effects on food waste.  Want to know how simulation could help your business avoid waste?

Get in touch! Download the tool here:  https://www.wur.nl/nl/project/AF-EU-16008-REFRESH-1.htm

Contact name: Joost Snels
Contact email: joost.snels@wur.nl
More info link: https://www.wur.nl/nl/project/AF-EU-16008-REFRESH-1.htm