Voluntary Agreements: Inventory and Evaluation of Effectiveness of Existing Approaches

Uploaded by: Kate Bygrave
Uploaded on: 14th June 2019

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Frameworks for Action are collaboratively agreed, self-determined ‘pacts’ between a number of actors to take action on food waste and packaging materials generated at relevant stages of the food value or supply chain.

Industry-led voluntary (Framework) Agreements can be an alternative way of effecting change, without the need for legislative action. This report explores each stage of establishing a Framework Agreement, drawing on the experience of similar alliances to provide a greater understanding of the prime conditions to both establish and manage a Framework for Action.

This piece of work provides practical information on the contributing success factors and barriers overcome by the alliances interviewed. Each fulfilled very specific criteria based exclusively upon the responses of the lead organisations during an in depth interview. We are presenting the findings from the qualitative interviews avoiding generalisation, but highlighting any factor that should be considered by other lead organisations wishing to set up an alliance.