CozZo App Design Helps Households Run a Waste-Free Kitchen

Uploaded by: Ivo Dimitrov
Uploaded on: 9th May 2019
Author(s): Vassilisa Ivanova, Ivo Dimitrov

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Collaboration in running and provisioning the kitchen has become a lasting trend. No more a woman’s task only. We are witnessing a major behavioral shift. Families are realizing that they need to change their habits as consumers in order to contribute to a more sustainable planet. More and more, we see household members taking the time to sit down and discuss new goals. They then look for the best strategies to achieve them. Yet this trend is still not prevalent in the solutions designed for operating the modern kitchen. It is mostly  created with the woman in mind and for her sole use only, not taking into account how couples are in fact currently interacting. The downside of the non-collaborative design is that it undermines the efforts of the household in achieving specific goals.

Reducing household food waste, by definition, cannot be the responsibility of a single member. It’s a joint effort. The team behind CozZo is releasing a household edition of the app that is determined to close the gap in collaborative design. CozZo is specifically designed for households with multiple people. It joins all members to collaborate in running a waste-free kitchen together. The design of the CozZo app is based on the breakthrough research in the field of consumer food waste in 2016 “Causes & Determinants of Consumers Food Waste A theoretical framework,” conducted by the Wageningen University.

The main purpose of CozZo is to assist households through all the pain points at the various stages of food management, (from planning, provisioning, storage, to preparation and consumption), so food is used before it expires. It helps households form sustainable food management habits, while gradually dropping wasteful behavior. “We are confident about the accuracy of CozZo’s user experience which is delivered through smart, self-learning and intuitive technology and an excellent UI/UX,” says Ivo Dimitrov Founder and Chief Developer of CozZo. Currently, the CozZo free edition for single use is the most trusted food waste reduction app on the UK App Store and is being consistently ranked as the #1 food management app by multiple user groups.

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