Essens-wert network

Uploaded by: Jennifer Wiegard
Updated on: 2nd April 2019
Author(s): Institute for Sustainable Nutrition (iSuN) at Münster University of Applied Sciences

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The aim of the network is to facilitate scientific exchange on the subject of food waste, to promote joint research activities and to communicate research results externally effectively.

The focus of the research work is the generation of food waste and its avoidance along the food chain, from agriculture, food processing and trade to the catering trade, canteens and private households.

In its activities, the network is in contact with the various stakeholders within the supply chain. In particular, the causes of food waste at the individual stages, the interactions between the stages and possible avoidance measures are to be investigated. The network works in exchange with current research activities at European level such as the EU project FUSIONS.

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