European cities policies and actions on Food Waste reduction – Eurocities Working Group Food

Uploaded by: Andrea Magarini
Uploaded on: 27th February 2018
Author(s): Andrea Magarini (City of Milan), Anja De Cunto (Eurocities)

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This page is a repository of various resources and documents on the specific topic of food waste reduction at urban level, collected by European cities that participate at Eurocities Working Group Food (WG Food). It is a work in progress to gather and share case studies, reports, policy brief and resources.

WG Food Chair: City of Milan – Milan Food Policy Office WG Food Meetings: – Brussels 2016 – Birmingham February 2017 – Valencia October 2017 – Amsterdam April 2018 – Food Waste – Tel Aviv September 2018

Members: Almere  Amiens Metropole  Amsterdam  Angers Loire Metropole  Antwerp  Athens  Barcelona  Bilbao  Birmingham  Bologna  Bordeaux  Bristol  Brussels  Brussels Capital Region  Cologne  Copenhagen  Edinburgh  Frankfurt  Genoa  Ghent  Glasgow  Gothenburg  Grenoble Alpes Metropole  Helsinki  Karlstad  Ljubljana  London  Lyon  Madrid  Malaga  Milan  Nantes  Nilufer  Paris  Porto  Prague  Preston  Riga  Rotterdam  Stockholm  Stuttgart  The Hague  Thessaloniki  Tirana  Tours  Turin  Uppsala  Utrecht  Venice  Vienna  Warsaw  Zagreb  Zaragoza  Zurich

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