Food waste: a responsibility for all

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Uploaded on: 30th January 2019

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In 2012 HISPACOOP carried out a project with the aim of raising awareness and educating consumers about good habits and responsible behaviours in order to reduce food waste. HISPACOOP realised a study on Spanish household food waste. It collected the results obtained from surveys conducted with 413 Spanish households on the amounts of food waste in domestic environment, the types of food wasted and the reasons why the food ended up in the rubbish bin. We obtained the behaviour and attitudes of Spanish consumers on the correct use of food with 3454 online and face-to-face surveys were also conducted to collect the thoughts of consumers on food management (purchase, preparation, storage and preservation) and on basic concepts relating to food use-by dates. We disseminated a promotional material between consumers, a leaflet with practical recommendations about how to plan, prepare and preserve food and how to reuse leftovers. It provides information about “best before” and “use by” date labels. Moreover, we celebrated conference to debate this problem and other events to increase consumer awareness.