Food waste quantification manual to monitor food waste amounts and progression

Uploaded by: Kate Bygrave
Updated on: 29th August 2017
Author(s): Åsa Stenmarck, Clément Tostivint, Clémentine O’Connor, Erik Svanes, Han Soethoudt, Karin Östergren, Tom Quested

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The FUSIONS project promotes efficient food use and food waste prevention strategies. In order to reduce food waste, an understanding of the quantities of food waste is necessary. This Manual provides practical guidelines for Member States on the quantification of food waste at different stages of the supply chain.
These guidelines cover three main activities:

  • Quantifying food waste in each sector (i.e. stage) of the food chain;
  • Combining sectorial quantifications using a common framework at national level;
  • Reporting the results of the national food waste quantification study at country
    level in a consistent and comparable manner.

The Manual is aimed principally at the Member State authorities. Its goal is to support them in developing coherent methods for acquiring national food waste data covering all sectors of the food chain. It can also be used as a reference by researchers collecting data on behalf of national authorities as well as national statistical offices.


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