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Updated on: 11th July 2019
Author(s): REFRESH

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The need: The levels of per capita food waste are often significantly higher in event catering than in hotels, restaurants or cafes. It is estimated that on average 20-30% of food is wasted at catering events in Hungary. The special circumstances connected with planning and executing events often make food saving difficult as the consumer is typically not the “paying client”.

The solution: An Event Catering Food Waste Reduction Guideline was developed by the REFRESH Hungarian Pilot Working Platform and implemented at 11 business catering events in Hungary. Events were branded as “Food Saving Events” and organisers were given a “Food Saving Event” logo to use as a trademark.

The benefit: Food Saving Events were highly appreciated by event organisers and guests. In addition, average food waste was measured at 9% across these events. Due to positive results, it is expected that more “Food Saving Events” will be run across Hungary in the future.

Contact name: Kate Bygrave
Contact email: Kate.Bygrave@wrap.org.uk
More info link: https://eu-refresh.org/