Milan Food Policy – guidelines, principles and actions for fighting urban food waste

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Updated on: 28th February 2018
Author(s): City of Milan

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Milan Food Policy is an action to support city government promoted by Milan Municipality and Cariplo Foundation to make the city of Milan more sustainable, starting from food-related issues. The policy covers many aspects, some of these are components of the food cycle, such as cultivation, distribution and consumption of food, the related waste and its treatment. Others directly or indirectly involve or are affected by the food chain, such as environmental factors and territorial production, cultures and ways of life, welfare, economy, research, infrastructure and others.

Milan Food Policy address the topics of food waste reduction at urban scale with Guideline Policy n.4 \”Fighting Food Waste\” for reduce surpluses and food waste during the different stages of the food chain as a form of preventing social and economic inequalities and as a tool for reducing the environmental impact. Each Policy Guideline is articulated in: background data, principles, guidelines and action.

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