A Packaging Optimisation Guide for Food & Drink businesses in Northern Ireland

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Updated on: 15th September 2017
Author(s): Invest Northern Ireland

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For many food and drink businesses in Northern Ireland optimising packaging use is an attractive goal, but in practice, many companies do not know where to start. This simple, practical guide is designed to offer food and drink businesses in Northern Ireland advice on how to handle packaging and packaging waste, using the right amount for what is required and reducing costs, by working through a packaging optimisation checklist.

Through optimising the use of packaging in your business, you will realise benefits such as saving money, reducing your carbon footprint, preserving natural resources and enhancing your status as a green supplier.

Invest Northern Ireland is committed to helping your business optimise packaging use and reduce costs through the application of relevant good practice techniques. Invest NI offers free support to eligible companies to help them identify and implement packaging optimisation opportunities.

Contact name: Sustainable Development Team, Invest Northern Ireland
Contact email: sustainabledev@investni.com
More info link: https://www.investni.com/media-centre/publications-and-reports.html?FirstLetter=B