Publication “Bundesländer und Lebensmittelverschwendung” (German states and food waste)

Uploaded by: Jennifer Wiegard
Uploaded on: 27th March 2019
Author(s): WWF Germany

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What are the German states doing in order to tackle food waste and contribute to the reduction of over 18 million tons of food lost every year in Germany?

A study conducted on behalf of the WWF Germany examined the relevant activities of the German Länder and compared them within the following fields of action: waste management, quantity survey and analysis, networking of actors, public relations, nutritional education, Agriculture and food industry and out-of-home gastronomy. The study showed that the prevention of food waste has been included in very different ways in coalition agreements and strategy papers, including sustainability strategies, waste management plans, energy and climate protection programmes, consumer policy strategies, research strategies and regional development strategies. Against this finding, the authors recommend to undertake a cross-departmental approach to take into account the different perspectives and expectations equally.

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