Request for Food Waste, Loss, Surplus, Valorisation and Overconsumption research questions

Uploaded by: Emily Gardiner
Uploaded on: 3rd July 2018

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Researchers from the University of Sheffield are conducting research to identify the priority Food Waste, Loss, Surplus, Valorisation and Overconsumption research questions.

They are asking experts globally to respond with what they think are their top 5 research questions (or research priorities than need addressing, but phrased as a question – in short, what questions do we need answering to achieve to SDG 12.3).

Please could you  to respond to this survey with you top 5 research questions before the 5th of July:

All questions submitted will be reviewed and refined at an event in Sheffield on 17th July. The top 25 questions (and clustered areas of research) will then be published as a strategy report and an academic article.  It is hoped that we can all refer to these documents when discussing future research with funding bodies, governments, industry, and collaborative organisations.

Please remember the criteria for good questions:

o   Are answerable through a realistic research design.

o   Address important gaps in knowledge.

o   Are at an appropriate spatial and temporal scale and scope

o   Not too general: i.e. a research programme could make progress towards answering each question.

o   Not too limited in scope: i.e. answering a question should have a significant impact on the generation  of Food Waste/Food Loss, the distribution of Food Surplus, increase Valorisation, or reduce Overconsumption.

o   Fall within the scope of the exercise

o   If related to impacts and interventions, contain a subject, an intervention, and a measurable outcome.

Please email me if you have any questions or queries. Feel free to further distribute this survey through your networks.


Christian Reynolds

Knowledge Exchange Research Fellow

(N8 AgriFood project, Theme 3: Improved nutrition and consumer behaviour)

Department of Geography

Faculty of Social Sciences

The University of Sheffield