Swedish government commission to reduce food waste 2017-2019

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Uploaded on: 19th November 2018

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The Swedish National Food Agency, in collaboration with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Swedish Board of Agriculture, has developed an action plan “More to do more”, in order to reduce food waste throughout the whole food chain including steps and actions in all parts from the farm to the customer.

The action plan should be seen as a tool for dialogue and cooperation, and may be adjusted to future insights and needs in the national work to reduce food losses and food waste. The action plan “More to do more” is part of the Swedish government’s commission to the authorities for reduced food losses and food waste. The assignment extends over three years from 2017 to 2019.

Contact name: Karin Fritz, project manager
Contact email: karin.fritz@slv.se
More info link: https://www.livsmedelsverket.se/en/food-habits-health-and-environment/food-and-environment/take-care-of-the-food--minimize-food-waste/food-waste-reports