Framework for Action Hungary

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Updated on: 28th September 2017
Author(s): Balázs Cseh

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The Steering Committee of the „Food is Value”- Forum Against Food Loss and Waste has agreed on the main goals and priorities set out in the Framework for Action document. The document goes on to outline how these priorities will be addressed through project targets and project measurement, as well as the core responsibilities of the platform members.

 The main goals of the Framework of Action are:

•    Highlighting the importance of this current issue and forming public opinion and attitude;
•    Enhancing knowledge management and flow of information among all concerned;
•    Identifying issues and possible solutions along the whole supply chain from primary production to consumers and valorisation of unavoidable waste;
•    Identifying and developing good practices in Hungary and abroad and also promoting and adapting these for wider uptake in Hungary.

Main priorities for actions are:
•    Setting a definitive baseline for current levels of household and supply chain food waste in HungaryAdaptation of the food waste hierarchy, especially the TOP 3 levels: reduction, redistribution and promoting measures which move food valorisation
•    Demonstrating for a voluntary approach that can lead to supply chain waste reduction without the need for additional legislation, creating a healthy balance of regulation and self-regulation
•    Raising awareness of food waste issues and forming of consumer attitude
•    Identifying and addressing hotspots in retail supply chains to prevent waste
•    Working with the hospitality and tourism industry to improve practices and consumer behaviour to prevent waste
•    Engaging the entire food supply chain including the recruitment of further Forum members

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