Framework for Action – Spain

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Updated on: 28th September 2017
Author(s): Feliu López-i-Gelats, Raquel Díaz-Ruiz, Diana Reinoso, Leticia de Gaudio, José María Gil

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With the signing of the Framework for Action, the Spanish signatories commit to a nonbinding agreement to contribute to reduce food waste in the areas most relevant to them in the food chain. Through the Framework for Action it is aimed to make a contribution to achieving the SDG’s target 12.3 by halving the per capita food waste by 20301.

February 2017, 16 organizations signed the Spanish REFRESH Platform Framework for Action showing their commitment to fight against food waste over the next 2 years as part of the REFRESH project.

The signatory organizations are:

  • ACES: retailer’s association
  • AECOC: Manufacturers and distributors association
  • Waste Agency of Catalonia: institution
  • Metropolitan Area of Barcelona: institution
  • ASEDAS: retailers and distributor association
  • Barcelona Food Bank: NGO – social charity
  • COAG: producers association
  • Espigoladors: social innovation enterprise
  • FCAC: producers association
  • Gastrofira: big events catering service
  • HISPACOOP: consumers association
  • Mercabarna: Wholesaler Central Market
  • Nutrición Sin Fronteras: NGO
  • PACKNET: packaging business
  • Plataforma Aprovechemos los Alimentos: NGO
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