Negotiated agreement between the Norwegian government and the food industry

Uploaded by: Kate Bygrave
Updated on: 4th October 2017
Author(s): Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment

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On 23rd June 2017, five Ministries on behalf of the Norwegian government and twelve food industry organisations, signed a binding agreement to halve food waste across the food value chain in Norway by 2030. This reduction target is in line with the SDG 12.3, and in fact a bit more ambitious because it is a goal for the entire food value chain. The collaboration between private and public sphere on food waste in Norway, is what we like to call The “Norwegian model”.

The industry agreement of 23 June 2017 includes the entire food value chain from primary production to consumers. Both the authorities and the food industry are very proud of this model, and are ready to reduce food waste even more than during the ForMat-project (2009-2015), when food waste was reduced by 12% per inhabitant in Norway. Experiences with monitoring food waste were documented through the ForMat project, and will be useful in developing national statistics for the entire value chain as part of the agreement.


Contact name: The Ministry of Agriculture and Food: Per Hallvard Eliassen, Ministry of Climate and Environment: Elisabeth Sandnes, Food Industry: Matvett: Anne-Marie Schrøder, Anne-Grete Haugen
Contact email:,,,