Selina Juul’s food waste book generates DKK 36,000 for DanChurchAid

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Uploaded on: 17th July 2020
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Selina Juul’s cookbook against food waste “Food with respect” with participation of H.R.H. Princess Marie of Denmark generates 4,835 Euro to DanChurchAid in the first 6 months – and wins an international award

In the first six months of its existence, our cookbook against food waste “Food with respect” has already generated 4,835 Euro (36,000 DKK) to DanChurchAid’s work. Thus, the cookbook helps to reduce food waste here in the Danish homes – and at the same time helps to provide food for the world’s poorest.

“Food with respect” was published at the end of 2019 at the Denmark’s biggest publishing house GyldendalSelina Juul, Founder of Stop Wasting Food movement (Stop Spild Af Mad), is the power behind the popular cookbook. Together with an impressive team of co-authors and chefs, she has worked voluntarily on the book, which triggers a donation to DanChurchAid per each sold copy.

In the book, Her Royal Highness Princess Marie of Denmark – who is the patron of DanChurchAid – contributes both with a preface and a number of recipes. In addition to the Princess, a selection of Denmark’s most talented chefs have contributed to the book with a total of 80 recipes with a focus on reducing food waste: chefs Timm VladimirFrancis CardenauMichel MichaudAnh Lê and Louisa Lorang

The Danes have welcomed the cookbook, which has been massively mentioned in both Danish and international media. The book also ended up on the Danish national newspaper Berlingske’s renowned food critic Søren Frank’s list of the best cookbooks of the year in 2019 and recently became number one in the world in the international cookbook competition The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in the category D11 Family.

In addition, the Danish Trade Magazine (Dansk Handelsblad) has given the book a positive book review, the media Food & Food Debate (Levnedsmiddel & Fødevaredebat) has given the book 6 out of 6 hearts and the media My Daily Space has given the book 6 out of 6 magnifiers.

“Food with respect” has 80 family-friendly recipes based on food products which are among the most wasted types of food in the Danish households, ideas for breakfast, lunch box, snack, lunch, dinner, dessert and party – as well as tips, knowledge and good advices for a household without food waste.

Each sold copy of “Food with respect” triggers a donation to DanChurchAid. The idea to “Food with respect” cookbook was developed three years ago by Selina Juul and Her Royal Highness Princess Marie of Denmark.

These days, the Stop Wasting Food movement Denmark, Denmark’s biggest NGO against food waste, celebrates its 12 years anniversary. Earlier this year, Founder of Stop Wasting Food movement Selina Juul was named European of the Year 2020 by one of the world’s biggest magazines Reader’s Digest.

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